On the 20 October 2017, the men of Hope Outreach programme gathered to show their heart to those on the street who are fatherless in the City of Cape Town and the surrounding areas. They took time away from their wives, children and family and handed out food to those who are desperate on the streets.

We realize every day that there is so much injustice and inequality in our communities and there is so much work that needs to be done. The small things we do might be so insignificant to others that look at us, but we believe small acts of kindness change people’s hearts. It is these acts that impact and change peoples lives. Jesus said that we should move as one body. Through this volunteer activity we are able to see that with uniting in heart and effort we can make the change. As fathers, husbands and brothers in our communities, we need to be men that lead by example and take up the duty to help those in need. We encourage the reader to take out some time and carry out an act of kindness for the people in your community because it is the small things that will change the world.


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