Showing Orphans Love

As those who have realized the significant role family and community plays in one’s up bring, the Hope Outreach Volunteers spent the day at an orphanage to shine the light to the young orphans of Windhoek. They spent the day playing games with the children, and joined them in song and dance. It was a […]

Visiting the Elderly

We recognise and are grateful for the sacrifice and hard work which our own parents have done for us throughout our lives. On the 10th November the Hope Outreach Volunteers went to visit an old age home with the mindset of gratefulness to our Father God for granting us our precious parents. We baked muffins […]

Feeding the homeless

On the 20 October 2017, the men of Hope Outreach programme gathered to show their heart to those on the street who are fatherless in the City of Cape Town and the surrounding areas. They took time away from their wives, children and family and handed out food to those who are desperate on the […]

Beach Clean Up

With the mindset to become the youth that will be an example to the world, the Hope Outreach volunteers set out one Saturday morning to Camps Bay beach to do a beach clean-up. The volunteers worked with a heart to protect the earth which has been given to us by the creator free of cost. […]